Adrianne Carter - Between the lies

Can You Read Between The Lies?

By Adrianne Carter

Have you ever lied about how you were feeling or wanted to conceal your true emotions? I think it’s fair to say that we all have! And there is nothing wrong with this! Sometimes we like to keep personal feelings or events private. On the other hand, sometimes people intentionally lie in order avoid serious consequences. Can you read between the lies? I’m Adrianne Carter and this is what I do for my job…

Micro expressions are involuntary facial expressions and are made subconsciously in order to hide or conceal our feelings from either ourselves or from others. They are extremely brief and short and only last for less than half a second. So, even if we try and hide our true feelings, at some point, even if only for an extremely short amount of time, our face tells the truth.

I’m sure this won’t come as much of a surprise to any of you reading this, but our eyes can give MASSIVE clues into what emotions we are hiding and can also show when we are lying. However, if you’d like to give this a go in more detail, it’s really important that first you understand someone’s “baseline” activity. To do this, sit with the individual and have a conversation involving “neutral” topics which you know for a fact that they have no real reason to lie about e.g.: the weather, or their lunch.

Make notes in your mind about their natural behaviour when discussing such topics, and you will successfully pick up on their “baseline” behaviour!

Here are some small clues, which might suggest that someone is concealing TRUE emotions!

  • Eye Blocking:
    This one is actually very simple! People block their eyes when they don’t like what they see, and indicate that they feel threatened or are in a state of disbelief. Eye blocking can be shown in the form on eye rubbing and lots of blinking…


  • Squinting:
    A useful one to use! Similarly to eye blocking, squinting is used when people do not like something, however it can also show suspicion. Try this…. next time you see someone squinting at you, address it – they’ll probably be very surprised that you picked up on their suspicions!


  • Sideways glance:
    Either a sign of suspicion or courtship, which in this case means it, is VITAL that you are able to tell the difference! Sideway glances accompanied by a scrunched up eyebrow indicate suspicion. On the other hand sideway glances and a raised eyebrow indicate interest and attraction – when you see this, perhaps try your luck and reciprocate the expression! You are welcome


  • Darting eyes: 
    These eye movements typically mean that the individual feels insecure and anxious! It usually shows that they are trying to find an escape route from talking to you! When you see this, maybe try addressing the situation to make sure all is well?

It really is very clear that micro expressions and especially eye movements can give a much better indication of how someone is feeling in a social situation.

Next time you’re having a conversation with someone, look out for them, or maybe even try and give them a go and see what sort of reaction you receive!

Adrianne Carter

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