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The Guest Speaker Planning Guide

Discover how to make your event a spectacular success, find out exactly how we work, and read some of our success studies.

Adrianne Carter - Between the lies
Can You Read Between The Lies?

3rd April 2017

By Adrianne Carter Have you ever lied about how you were feeling or wanted to conceal your true emotions? I think it’s fair to say that we all have! And there is nothing wrong with this! Sometimes we like to keep personal feelings or events private. On the other... Continue Reading...
The Speaking Gift - Mirus Media
Speaking is a gift… for some

26th March 2017

Speaking is a gift… for some. And having been running a speaker bureau for 25 years this May 2017, I’ve recently come to the conclusion that some speakers just shouldn’t be… erm, well; speakers! Not all speakers have the speaking gift. Now, to make an informed decision rather than... Continue Reading...
Being giants - Mirus Media
Working with Giants!

26th February 2017

We love Working with Giants! At Mirus Media we love to inspire the world by providing access to our brilliant world class speakers. We work with inspirational giants daily. It occurs to me however, that becoming an inspirational giant wasn’t always an easy route for any of our speakers. It isn’t... Continue Reading...
Where Your Energies Flow Dreams Or Complexities Grow!

13th January 2017

Guest blog by Kriss Akabusi – Sports Inspiration What’s behind your Wall of Complexity? We all have dreams in life. From relationships to business goals to adventures, we all want to bring our wild ideals to reality one day. So if we all have dreams, why do so few of... Continue Reading...
I’ve Quitted!

8th December 2016

I’ve Quitted!  Ha ha! When my children were younger I used to teach the Primary School Choir at their local village school. There was no music being taught at all until I went in there. We went to perform at various regional theatres, the O2, lots of local events... Continue Reading...
“I Am A Speaker”

19th July 2016

“I am a speaker” I hear that many times a week. “I am a speaker. Will you put me on your website and get me some bookings?’ I hear that a lot too. Years ago (longer than I care to admit) I was a professional ballet dancer (to be... Continue Reading...
Why your Marketing doesn’t work and how to change it

9th June 2016

Guest Blog by Barnaby Wynter Why your Marketing doesn’t work and how to change it They know what they want, they know why they want it before they make contact with you for the first time. I’m talking about prospects and this buyer behaviour is so vastly different to... Continue Reading...
The five characteristics of great speakers

6th May 2016

The five characteristics of great speakers Choosing a great speaker for your event is a major decision. There are so many inspirational speakers and celebrities out there who would be a good match for your event, so picking the right one will come down to range of factors, such... Continue Reading...
Five questions to consider before choosing your awards host

23rd April 2016

Five questions to consider before choosing your awards host Goodness, it can feel overwhelming. There seems to be so many factors to consider when booking an awards host. How do you balance your budget with the ‘size’ of the celebrity? Do you choose a serious presenter for gravitas, or... Continue Reading...
How much will an awards host cost?

6th April 2016

How much will an awards host cost? Finding yourself in the market for an awards host can be both enjoyable and daunting. If you’re looking for the perfect awards host for your company or industry awards ceremony, you most likely be overjoyed with the abundance of riches available to... Continue Reading...
What makes a perfect Awards Host?

20th March 2016

What makes a perfect Awards Host? Finding the perfect awards host is something of an art. While a speaker or celebrity may be able to rock the socks off an audience in a traditional speaking event, when it comes to the unique requirements of hosting an awards ceremony they... Continue Reading...
Stand up if you want to have fun

13th March 2016

Stand up if you want to have fun There’s nothing better for the soul than having a laugh. Whether a little titter at a Youtube cat on a skateboard or one of those ‘can’t-breathe-its-so-funny’ laughs, no day is complete without a good chortle or two. Those times you have... Continue Reading...
A Question of Sport – part 2

26th February 2016

A Question of Sport – part 2 My earlier post on sporty speakers demonstrated just how effective the current crop of Olympians can be as speakers and presenters. Brimming with motivation and determination, such speakers can use the very tools that sent them to gold medal-winning success to deliver... Continue Reading...
A Question of Sport – part 1

6th February 2016

A Question of Sport – part 1 After the incredible success of the British Olympic team in 2012 and Brazil looming, with the inspiration that still gives us, we have a glut of incredible sports men and women who can proudly call themselves gold medallists. Not only did the... Continue Reading...
Find clarity and success will find you

17th January 2016

Find clarity and success will find you It is no coincidence that the most successful events for our speakers are those where the client has a thorough brief and clarity of what the end result should feel like before names are even discussed. Sometimes, it’s difficult for you to... Continue Reading...